All you need to know about hiking on K’gari (Fraser Island) this 2021 hiking season

As we move into March I’m getting super excited about the fact that we can get out and hike the Great Walk on K’gari (Fraser Island). You know what else I am excited about? 

To celebrate the 2021 hiking season Fraser Island Hiking is giving away two lucky winners a 3 day, 2 night pack-free hike! That’s $1700 in value! Read more below on how you can enter.

What is a pack-free hike with Fraser Island Hiking?

What’s a pack-free hike you ask? Well, all you need is your day pack and your overnight bag and the rest is sorted. Yep, all food is covered andddddd wine! Yep, all your sleeping gear is covered AND they put the tent up for you. Yep, they transfer you there and back from the mainland. So you just need you, your buddy and your clothes.  

They pick you up from the mainland and transfer you over to the island and all you need to worry about is walking and taking it all in. Now, that’s what I call a holiday. 

I have worked in the tourism industry across multiple states in Australia and I have never seen a product quite like this. It is a mix of doing it yourself adventure, with the luxuries of not worrying about food or setting up camp!

I like to call it Business Class hiking – check out the blog I wrote about my experience.

What is Fraser Island Hiking giving away?


I’m super excited to be partnering with Fraser Island Hiking to celebrate the opening of the hiking season by giving a lucky winner the best experience ever [in my opinion – see why here:)]! 

They are giving away a 3 day, 2 night pack-free hiking experience for two people, valued at $1700. #Holidayherethisyear and enjoy three days of hiking ON THEM.


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  2. Tag a hiking buddy and explain why you would want to win in the comments below

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Promotion commences 07/02/2021 and final entries close 11.59pm, 21/02/2021. The Prize is a gift voucher for a pack-free hike valued at $1700. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and cannot be taken as cash. Winners will be notified via our Instagram and Facebook page/stories by 24/02/2002. Open to Australian residents over 18 years old. Competition and general hiking Terms and Conditions apply. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook. For full Terms and Conditions visit here.

What about the devastating fires on K’gari (Fraser Island)?

As we may have all heard, devastating fires ripped through K’gari (Fraser Island) in late 2020 through to early 2021. It’s certainly burnt a fear in all of us, however no need! Here are some answers to some of your burning questions [pun intended];

  1. Is all of the bush burnt where you walk?

Not really, alot of the fires were in the northern part of the island where you can’t really access. The lower part of the island wasn’t affected which means the Blue Lakes 3 day 2 night is completely untouched by fire.

2. Is there a threat of fire danger when we are walking? 

No. Queensland National Parks only open the hiking tracks in the cooler months due to safety concerns and to avoid fire danger. Fraser Island Hiking also ensures to only operate out of fire danger months and has a GPS tracker and satellite communication device with the hikers to ensure safety.

3. Will the bush that was burnt recover?

Yes indeed. We have actually already started to see sections in the north recover and start to bloom again. Fire is a natural phenomena and in time the vegetation will regrow. 

4. What caused the bushfire and how can we help prevention? 

Increased disasters, such as bushfires, have grown more prevalent in recent years as we see increased temperatures and prolonged drought; this is a result of climate change. Bringing awareness to these issues through sustainable and eco tourism, such as hiking/ walking, helps to raise awareness of our environment for our future and changing climate. 


K’gari (Fraser Island) Hiking season for 2021 is opening in March. To celebrate this excitement we have partners with Fraser Island Hiking to give away a 3 day, 2 night pack-free hike for you and a friend, that’s $1700 in value! I like to call this Business Class hiking, check out why here. [CLICK HERE TO ENTER] 

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