Mums and Bubs GO WILD GO WILD

The newest Brisbane mums group

Are you a new  Mumma

Do you want a place to connect, play and be in nature – but feel safe at the same time? 

Are you more interested in how your body feels then how it looks – or at least want more of the feel goods?

 Well, we have some exciting news for you – the newest Brisbane mums group is here!


Mums and Bubs GO WILD GO WILD

* Limited to 10 mums and bubs!

The What

It’s a mothers group with a difference, where you get to connect in a safe space with other like minded women in nature. Be accountable and have a space to turn up each week. We need a village right!!

The Why

Sally is an adventurer and nature lover who’s passion is to show women how to Ignite Your Inner Power! She has just welcomed her new little man into the world and she is creating a space for other mums to connect with each other whilst in nature. 

Why join Sally in nature


Who is it for

Sounds awesome, right?


Are you keen to join the newest Brisbane mums group?

Full Details & Inclusions

Dates and times

Toohey Forest Park
Toohey Forest Park



$60 for 4 weeks which is only $15 per session! Come along and meet other mothers, build your confidence and simply enjoy nature. You deserve this

Toohey Forest Park

Ready to join the newest Brisbane mums group?


It includes Sally’s time each week plus the boring stuff like insurances and fees to Brisbane City Council. The cost will be similar to a yoga class, swim class or another exercise class. It’s also a cost to keep you accountable, when we pay for things we will be more likely to commit to turning up each week…..because, nature is life and you need to Get Out There!

Turning up and being accountable wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have to commit to it financially. I am not interested in making millions here, I just need to cover my costs and some for my time. I need to pay for insurances and permits to be able to hold this where we do, so this comes into it. I also figure it is cheaper then most Mums & Bubs groups or swim classes for example.

Look, being a mum is stressful enough. We don’t need any added stress. Although I am an on time person, having a little newborn has thrown this out sometimes. If I need to be some where I always give myself an extra 15-30min and aim to leave that much earlier in case there is a poonarmi. In the case this can’t be done and you do find yourself running late – please don’t bash yourself up. Simply just text me your eta and we will wait. Of course, if this is happening every week then maybe having a commitment with a timeline isn’t something you would want to do.

This is a one off series, it is the inaugural one and one that I may not conduct again. I really just want to see how it pans out and if it is something I would like to do into the future. If it is raining, we will still meet up but maybe not for a walk – maybe just a catch up at the local café not far from us. 

Again, this is an inaugural series and a one off. I will try to put on another day outside of lock down but if we can’t go ahead for COVID reasons I won’t be able to extend. I will do my best to compensate you but I can’t promise anything.

I would love to say you could come to a make up session but as mentioned before this is an inaugural series and one I might not be running. If it is a success I might continue these and give you an option to make up the session but for this one, if you are unable to come one week then you will just miss that week. I hope it is awesome and we all love it and you all turn up so I can keep doing them.

I totally get this, I am a first time mum too. It’s bloody scary. But please, just turn up as you are. No need to competition here. I will be creating a space for everyone, the good bad and ugly. Being in nature helps sooth this. I want to be able to connect with you, have a chat and laugh in nature and feel good after. It’s not a place to be judged or judge others. We are all winging it as mummas, lets face it – we all donno what we are doing. And that’s ok.

Both or either! The trail is suitable for prams, but if your bubba wants to be close then baby carrier all the way! It will depend what the mums are using, if we have prams we will stick to the sealed tracks. If we are all carrying bubs we can go a little off road. It will depend each week.

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