Hiking Business Class on the World’s Largest Sand Island – K’gari (Fraser Island)

Hiking the world’s largest sand island, you would think it’s just, well, sand. But can I tell you, it has so much more than sand dunes.

A huge rainforest, paperbark and gum forests, and half of the world’s perched freshwater dune lakes are all among the natural phenomenon’s you can experience while hiking on the island. I was lucky enough to experience the southern part of the great walk on K’gari (Fraser Island) over a 3 day 2 night hike, camping business class! We covered approx 50km, enjoyed 4 freshwater lake swims, ate delicious food and drank wonderful wine (more on that to come soon), all while experiencing the most picturesque terrain. If K’gari isn’t on your list to hike, you need to add it – here is why.

 Overnight Camping and Hiking Business Class

Carrying all of your own food, water, camp and sleeping set up during a multi day hike is rewarding but have you ever tried business class hiking? Just imagine, hiking 15-20km, then walking into camp to find your tent fully set up, cooking equipment all prepared with fresh food ready to be cooked in the esky, and finally, a cheese board with wine just waiting for you. Yes, this exists, right here on K’gari with Fraser Island Hiking.

Fraser Island Hiking

Jane and Ash from Fraser Island Hiking have created business class hiking, and I don’t know if I can go back! They call it ‘Pack Free: Camping Hiking’, where every tour has a guide who transports all of your overnight gear to your next campsite and sets it up so that camp is ready and waiting for you when you arrive. The guide doesn’t walk with you, so you still have that feeling that you’re on your own adventure, just with a luxurious twist at the end of the day. Our guide Nigel was a wealth of knowledge, he would make sure we got to camp safely and showed us the set up, answer any questions and leave you to enjoy the evening to really immerse yourself with nature.

The ‘Pack Free Hiking’ tours can only take a maxim of 7 people, if you are a couple you don’t have to walk as a group but you can if you choose. I am dairy and gluten free and the dietary options were amazing. Nigel makes THE BEST sandwiches, you know the ones that somehow don’t end up soggy when you get to them – yep them. Turns out Nigel was a chef in his former life.

The whole experience is just bliss. They offer multiple ‘Pack Free Hiking’ tours. We did the Blue Lakes Eco Hike (described below) which is offered from March to October. They are unable to offer this tour over the summer months due to the fire danger and the Great Walk track closure, it is also a more exposed trail so wouldn’t be ideal hiking in the heat. If you can’t wait until then, they do have a National Park permit that allows them to run the 2-day central rainforest loop via Lake McKenzie all through summer. Keep reading for a code to save you up to $40!

Highlights and terrain on K’gari (Fraser Island)

As the world’s largest sand island with over 250km of clear sandy beaches, you will be walking on sand, but not as much as you would think. The island has the most majestically tall rainforests which can reach up to 30metres, something that still blows me away. In the southern section of the great walk, the absolute highlights were:

  1. Swimming at sunrise at Lake Benaroon, which we had all to ourselves
  2. Walking through the rainforest from central station to Pile Valley (you can do this section all through summer)
  3. Swimming in the Basin Lake as an afternoon refresh
  4. Sunset AND Sunrise at Lake McKenzie (you can only experience sunrise and sunset there if you hike into camp and stay the night, so we had it all to ourselves! This is only offered in the Fraser Island Hiking 3 day 2 night Blue Lakes Tour between Mar-Oct)
  5. Swimming Lake Wobby and walking up the epic sand dune to the finish line

Blue Lakes Eco Hike

This is a 3 day, 2 night tour offered from March to October. So although it is coming to an end this season, be sure you put it on your list for next year! We started from Dilli Village on the eastern side of the island and made our way up to Lake Benaroon, where we had our first night. This terrain was mainly paperbark forests with huge gums. The highlight of this section was Lake Boomanjin and watching sunrise at Lake Benaroon.

Day two was an absolute highlight! We walked up to central station and out to Pile Valley, returning to experience sunset at the most popular lake on the island, Lake McKenzie. You can only experience sunset and sunrise if you walk into the camp and stay the night, so just imagine having the most popular lake on the island all to yourself!

Hiking Business Class on K’gari (Fraser Island) in summary

If you are looking for a diverse hiking experience with luxuries of camp and food set up for you, make sure you experience it with Fraser Island Hiking. They offer tours all through summer! To get you across the line, we have an affiliate link which will save you up to $40. Use the code GETOUT_2DAY on their 2 day, 1 night Lake McKenzie Eco Walk available all through summer. Book today!

Full disclosure: Fraser Island Hiking hosted me on this tour and commissioned me to write this piece. I have written this from my experience and hasn’t been influenced by them, this is hand on heart one of the best experiences I have ever had and I want you to experience the same. The link included is an affiliate link. 


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