Barker Creek Circuit

A full loop of the eastern tracks, if you do the look outs along the way it will be slightly longer. A great one to take in all of the tracks.
Located in BUNYA MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK in the Southern Queensland Country region. Approx 3hrs from Brisbane. This is a 10km return trail and is suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Allow 3-4hours

This is a circuit trail which you can start at either Dandabah or Paradise Parking Area. It is on the eastern facing side of the mountains which is more rainforest trails. It takes in the full loop in this area and is totally worth the full walk with Paradise to Dandabah the most lush. Download the full Bunya Mountains National Park parks map here.

Getting there:

3hours north of west of Brisbane and 1.5hrs north of Toowoomba. If you search for Dandabah in google maps or Paradise Parking Area, it will take you there. Also, if you click on the map on this page it has a pin directly there.

What do you need:

If you are doing a short walk, comfortable clothing and shoes along with at least 1.5L of water is suitable. If you are going to add on the trails to make it a longer walk then ensure you take a minimum of 3L of water along with snacks.

Hot tip:

Paradise to Dandabah is the most lush with beautiful this section being a beautiful rainforest walk.

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