Warrie Circuit

A fresh rainforest walk for experienced hikers and the biggest reward. Waterfalls and the meeting of two waters are an absolute highlight.
(1) 14.8KM  ALLOW 5 HOURS
Located in Springbrook National Park in the Gold Coast Hinterland at Purling Brook Falls. Approx 1hr 40min from Brisbane. 14.8km return, difficult/experienced grade (4), allow 5 hours . 


A long but rewarding hike with lots of waterfalls. Although a grade 4, it is limited in technical skill but rather long in distance. Parks map here.

Getting there:

Park at Tallanbana trail head which is 1hr 40min south of Brisbane. Search for Twin Falls in google or use  ‘get directions’ on this page.

What to take:

Water and snacks, always. Comfortable footwear and clothing. Hydration pack or drink bottle.

Hot tip:

After rains the waterfalls are in full swing, so keep going back to see how it changes!

1 review

  1. So many waterfalls!

    I’d done the Twin Falls loop a couple of times in the past with with children – it’s a lovely walk and given Warrie is an extension, it was no surprise to discover more of the same loveliness.

    We arrived at 8:30am on a Sunday and had to park around 100m from the trail head due to the number of cars already parked. This is not a place of solitude on a nice weekend!

    There was plenty of water as there’d been storms thorough a couple of days before. Enjoyed the bird sounds, though didn’t see many. Lots of vibrant Spring growth. The grade of the track was generally very civilised. As noted, the meeting of the waters is a highlight and we enjoyed an extended break there. Another highlight beyond the many waterfalls were the views around the valley and to the ocean. Our moving time was around 4h with a total of around 5:30h on the track.

    After the walk we enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon tea at “The Sitting Room”. I shall be trying to recreate a kind Apple Upside-down cake they served 😋

    Thank you for this lovely site. I used it to find a last minute substitute for a planned walk that became impractical and this walk turned out to be perfect for us.

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