Peaks to conquer this hiking season in South East Queensland

What is the ‘hiking season’ in South East Queensland? I mean, all year round you can hike here but you just need to adapt to the humidity in summer. This isn’t all bad as there are some magical rainforests to explore but it means you avoid the many peaks in the region due to the heat. 

From April each year other states are bunkering down for a cold, wet winter but not here – we get outdoors!!

This time of year, where the temperature is dropping and the blue skies are plenty – it’s just a magical time to be out enjoying the landscape of South East Queensland and a great time to start to build up your strength to conquer those peaks you’ve always wanted to do.

Here is a list of the many peaks you can conquer this hiking season (April – October) – weather permitting.

Peaks you MUST conquer this hiking season

There are many peaks in South East Queensland to conquer and you can build up to the more technical peaks. By following the below list to not only build up strength, but the confidence as you go you will have an enjoyable time outdoors adventuring.


All of these trails are clearly marked and are easy to follow, minimal experience in navigation is required

  1. Mount Ngungun – allow 2 hours
  2. Mount Coolum – allow 2 hours
  3. Mount Beerburrum – allow 1.5hours
  4. Mount Cordeaux and Bare Rock – allow 2.5-4hours
  5. Mount Mitchell – allow 3.5-4hours


All of these trails don’t have clearly marked trails and require some or a lot of scrambling to get to the top. Experience in navigation and map reading is required.

  1. Flinders Peak – allow 6 hours
  2. Mount May – allow 5 hours
  3. Mount Maroon – allow 5 hours
  4. Mount Greville – allow 5 hours
  5. Mount Barney – allow 10 hours

Peaks to conquer in South East Queensland in Summary

When other states are bunkering down for a cold wet winter, now is the time to take advantage of the temperature dropping and get outdoors here in South East Queensland. From April each year through to October we can get out and hike the many peaks on offer. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced there are many to choose from. 


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